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Four Paws Brewing Company: Flavor is our Business
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Join our pack

Connection is key to creation.  We love hearing about your furry family members, delicious beers you've enjoyed and how we can all come together to create an inclusive world of beer lovers.  


Our Rescue Family


We’re a rescue family, with both rescued dogs and cats, and you’ll find that our acceptance of people follows. With backgrounds, talents, skills and passions in a wide range of places and spaces, our people pack reflects our diverse and eclectic walk of life. All of these people, spaces, and places have come together in Four Paws Brewing, and we invite you to share our journey!

Four Paws Brewing Pack

As Four Paws Founders & Owners, we - Kellie Rubesne and Ann Zofchak - discovered our shared love of craft beer and devotion to facilitating the rescue of animals a couple of decades ago, leading to innumerable batches of homebrew, fantastic craft beer adventures,  and an extensive family with Four Paws. We have informally called our home The Four Paws Tap House for years!

Four Paws Brewing Pack Member

The Dog Walks that Lead to Unexpected Places

Who knew?!  In 2020 we were (re)connected by a mutual friend in the beer industry to Eric & Shari Ross, who own Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station. Eric & Shari were interested in expanding the farm with a bakery, brewery, and potentially barbecue, and what do you know….we were interested in starting a brewery!


Fast forward to 2023, Four Paws at Red Wagon Farm is quickly becoming a reality with a cool, cooperative blended mission with the team at Red Wagon. Plus, Ann has spent the past two years hard at work meeting area brewers, learning from their experiences, and offering a helping hand as the Assistant Brewer at Blue Monkey Brewing Co. in North Royalton. The support of the Cleveland area brewing community and their excitement about our project has been super gratifying, and they have eased our journey tremendously.  At the same time, Kellie has been becoming savvy in small business creation and the financial back of the house, navigating the mysteries of legal and accounting stuff. It’s a good thing that the legal zone is one of those background talents and skills!

The Dog Park!


The home of our sparkling new brewhouse is Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station, an established farm for over 50 years steeped in the traditions of the seasons with their farm market and annual Pumpkin Festival. The addition of the Red Wagon Bakery, Red Wagon Scoops (ice cream), and Red Wagon Brewing Company is all happening this summer of 2022 alongside the introduction of the Four Paws Brewing Company!

Four Paws Brewing Pack Member

We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Eric & Shari to bring all of these visions to life! As partners and as complementary brewing companies we couldn’t ask for a better way for everything to come together. You’ll find Ann in the brewery creating both Four Paws beers and Red Wagon beers, simply brewing everything under the sun. Come join us to taste the literal fruits of the farm and the brewery side by side in this peaceful, rural, tap room on the farm.

Four Paws Brewing Pack Member

Extra treats


Red Wagon Farm has designated spaces to be dog-free (the Market and patio), and the rest of the farm is open for your leashed and well-behaved dog provided that you clean up after your friend with Four Paws. As the summer progresses (and the brewery is open), there will be spaces around the farm with picnic tables to enjoy Red Wagon Market produce, ice cream, baked goods – and, of course, both Four Paws and Red Wagon Brewing Company beers! Plastic will be provided for your beer if you will be out on the farm.

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