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Four Paws Brewing Company at Red Wagon Farm

Four Paws Brewing Pack Members

a passion for life is our business

Four Paws Brewing Company: a passion for life is our business

•  passionate about craft beer •  passionate about our four pawed family members

•  passionate about inclusion and giving everyone a welcoming place

Four Paws Brewing Company: Explore our beers

•  creative ingredients & techniques

•  interesting styles & flavor combinations

•  a little something for everyone

Four Paws Brewing Company: Flavor creation is our business:

Do you enjoy trying new things?

Four Paws Brewing Company follows the road less travelled, and our Head Brewer enjoys the challenge of wild, wide open creativity. Have you met any doodles in your wanders? That’s Ann: Uniquely driven, passionate, capable of going in a billion directions at once, and super smart about how she gets there.  Translate that to brewing: you never know what’s going to be in your glass, but it’s going to be a delicious adventure for your palate every single time….and she might be using new techniques, weird ingredients, and who knows what else?

Four Paws Brewing Company: connecting is our business

Who knew?!  In 2020 we reconnected with Eric & Shari Ross, who own Red Wagon Farm in Columbia Station.
Eric & Shari were interested in expanding the farm with a bakery and brewery and what do you know?

We were interested in starting a brewery!


Fast forward to 2023,

Four Paws at Red Wagon Farm is quickly becoming a reality with a cool,
cooperative blended mission with the team at Red Wagon. 

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